Three days in Bratislava & Vienna. (Part 1: Bratislava)

This three-days trip to Bratislava and Vienna, was our final trip as Erasmus students. At the beginning we were thinking through a week-long trip including Budapest as well, but in the end we decided to visit the capital of Hungary separately on a weekend earlier in January.

Check out my blog post about my trip to Budapest for more details.←

Three days for visiting both Bratislava and Vienna weren’t enough (even though Bratislava is only 60km away from Vienna) . We basically had a day and a half for each capital city, and even though a full day is enough if you want to get a fast glimpse of the “must sees” of Bratislava, I can’t say that the same would apply for Vienna. I really enjoyed visiting both cities but I think that if we had an extra day or two for Bratislava and maybe a week or so for Vienna , I would get a better vibe of each city and have a much more in depth-experience on everything that they have to offer.

I guess I’ll start with what we managed to see in Bratislava since it was our first stop.

º•In order to take a look at what we saw in Vienna, simply follow this link•º

•—•—•Bratislava, Slovakia•—•—•


Bratislava is a small and beautiful capital with a very compact center that even though has a medieval-town’s vibe, still manages to pull off a wonderful blend with modern architecture. IMG_9891_SnapseedWe arrived on a Saturday morning of February by taking the bus from Prague. The weather that day was marvelous and it allowed us to enjoy the small capital of Slovakia.


While walking in the center of Bratislava heading towards our hostel that morning, the very first thing we noticed were the many cute coffee shops we found along the way, so we couldn’t resist but entering one of them for our usual morning coffee ritual.

We ended up at Korzo Cafe, having an XXL cappuccino (only for 2.80 euors) and a slice of their marvelous vegan carrot cake.

Korzo Cafe is located at Hviezdoslavovo Námestie, where the historical building of the Slovak national theater is as well : IMG_9916_Snapseed

The Old Town Square.

The Old Town Square of Bratislava.

We couldn’t help but notice that the center of Bratislava is filled with picturesque sculptures in human size. These eye-catching statues add a modern touch to the historical center and make it even more attractive. You just can’t say you’ve been to Bratislava and didn’t take a photo with at least one of these statues.

“Napoleon Soldier”– Located on the Main Square.
“Schone Naci” – the only statue of a real existing person. His original name was Ignac Lamar, and story has it that he got mad after being rejected by the love of his life and people could often see him giving flowers to random women he met in the streets. He always wore a hat too.
“Cumil” – this metal character cast of a good-natured worker that looks down the drain to observe everything that happens and, in particular, looks under the skirts of the ladies.

Michael’s Gate.

The St.Michael’s Gate and Tower, is part of the medieval Slovak heritage and the only remaining part of the former town wall and fortifications of Bratislava. The streets leading from here towards Danube generally get very busy with very nice cafés, restaurants and exclusive shops.



Bratislava Castle.

Bratislava’s most popular attraction besides the Old Town, is the Bratislava Castle, a magnificent dominating structure that has a full 2000 years of history and houses the museum and Slovakian treasury.


The view from the hill top where the Bratislava castle lies is breathtaking:

View from the Bratislava Castle. On the left is St. Martin’s Cathedral and on the right you can see the famous UFO bridge and Tower.

St. Martin’s Cathedral is the largest and one of the oldest churches in Bratislava, situated below the Bratislava Castle.

The UFO bridge and Tower.

The UFO tower has been built just above the New Bridge, which is actually the 7th largest hanging bridge in the world and incredibly shapes the panorama of Bratislava. It was built in 1972. This “spaceship” is actually a restaurant by the name “UFO WATCH.TASTE.GROOVE” that also has an observatory deck, offering a panoramic view up to the distance of 100 km. You can get up there by an elevator which is located in one of the “spaceship’s” legs. To get to this leg, you can just walk from the Old Town side or the opposite end. There is a pedestrian lane beneath the actual road overhead.


We visited the UFO at night, and after getting a good-quick view of Bratislava from the observation deck ( since it was incredibly windy up there), we enjoyed a wonderful drink at the restaurant and relaxed looking at the marvelous view that it offers.


A dry martini for me and cocktails for the girls 🙂 So classy !
The view of Bratislava at night, from the UFO observation deck.

Breakfast at Enjoy Coffee.

The next day, before heading off to the bus station, to catch the bus for Vienna, we went for breakfast at one of Bratislava’s most popular coffee shops : “Enjoy Coffee”.


We sure did enjoy our breakfast here and we would highly recommend to everyone who will visit Bratislava.


Blue Church.

The Blue Church, also known as “The Church of St. Elizabeth”, is Bratislava’s most appealing Art Nouveau building. Both the interior and exterior of the church are painted in shades of pale blue and decorated with blue majolica; even the roof is tiled with blue-glazed ceramics. The church is a work of a Hungarian architect who designed it in the 20th century.


º•My post for Vienna is continued here•º


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